Parallel Hydraulic Elevator Control Cabinet

20150729The control function of the parallel hydraulic elevator control cabinet is implemented by our parallel elevator control board. The control cabinet applies full parallel communication and is suitable for low-rise hydraulic driven cargo elevators.

Technical Parameters
Power requirement: 3 phase, AC380V-460V, 50/60Hz
Power range: 5KW-75kW
Maximum elevator speed: 1.0m/s
Number of floors: 5
Hydro-cylinder applicable: MCP-PYGM, GMV; MCP-PYBL, Belling
Main controller: SM-01-DPC
Drive mode: Star Delta Starter
Landing accuracy: ±5mm
Performance standard: GB7588/EN-81
Safety standard: JG5071-1996
Room temperature: -10℃-45 ℃
Color: light grey (optional)
Display mode: Seven segment code, BCD code, Gray code, Binary code
Dimension (mm): 1300×750×280

Standard Interface Description
Power interface: terminal
Adaptive electro motor: AC asynchronous motor
Door motor: AC220V variable frequency door motor
Machine room switches: speed governor / control cabinet stop switch / emergency electric operation switch / overhaul up button / overhaul down button
Hoistway switches: limit switch / buffer switch / broken step chain device / pit stop switch / speed reducing switch
Ceiling assembling switches: cab stop switch / ceiling assembling stop switch / safety gear / leveling switch / overload, full load, light load switch / light curtain switch / safety shoe switch
Illumination: AC220V (ceiling assembling, pit) / AC36V (ceiling assembling)
Intercom system: five-way calling system (four wire system)
Control cable interface: AMP plug-in plus binding post
Option configuration interface: arrival gong (electronic), arrival lamp, 6-layer to 10-layer control panel
Trailing cable: TVVBP**/**×0.75+2×2P×0.75+1×2.0 (equipped by function and floor)
Call cable: 4-core round cable/RVV4/2×2×0.75
Door lock cable: 3-core round cable/RVV3/2×0.75+1×2.0
Monitor cable: 12-core round cable/RVV12/11×0.75+1×2.0 (seven segment code for this model, other models depend on needs)
Hoistway switch cable: 19-core round cable/RVV19/18×0.75+1×2.0
Speed limit cable: 3-core round cable/RVV3/2×0.75+1×2.0
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