Brake Caliper Kit

1Brake Caliper Kit Operation:

A rebuild kit for a disc brake caliper that consists of a piston seal and dust boot.

Inspect- Check for obvious problems

Some calipers have inspection holes in the caliper body. If they do not, the brake pads can be visually inspected from the outer ends of the caliper.

Floating Caliper: On a floating caliper, examine the mounting pins for rust that could limit travel. Most manufacturers recommend that these pins and their bushings be replaced each time the caliper is removed.

Fixed Caliper: On a fixed caliper, check the pistons for sticking and rebuild the caliper if this problem is found.

Sliding Caliper: Some sliding calipers use a support key to locate and support the caliper in the anchor plate.


A sliding caliper with suport plates (keys).

The caliper support key is inserted between the caliper and the anchor plate. A worn support key may cause tapered brake pad wear. Always inspect the support keys when replacing brake pads.

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